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Ever rolled your eyes at sommeliers going on about ‘minerality’? Still can’t quite pronounce Gewürztraminer and don’t understand the rise of Riesling? Each industry has its own share of confusing jargon, but the wine world sort of takes the cake. Despair no longer! If you want to sound like an industry insider when you go wine tasting with colleagues, or need some wine moves to impress a date, or just want to learn more about wines from around the world, then you will want to join our no-nonsense, jargon free wine tasting courses and vino appreciation events. Take the guesswork out of labels and lingo, and sign up to one of our courses. ASAP.

Wine masterclasses by Sonal Holland MW act as the ultimate ice-breaker for team building events, or simply an enjoyable way to relax at the end of a long meeting or a conference. SoHo Wine Club offers customised winethemed experiences to meet your event objectives, create excitement, increase involvement, generate positive word-of-mouth and promote memorable brand association.

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Great owners and managers know how much alcohol sales impact sales for restaurants with bars— and particularly wine. At SoHo Wine Club we provide customised courses that are essential for staff working in frontline wine service roles in hotels, restaurants and for those in wine retail sales and customer facing roles. They provide a solid grounding in wine leading to better product knowledge and customer service.

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Sit-down wine workshops allow time for some real insights into food and wine matching and a wonderful way to wine and dine those important to you. Imagine your own private dinner party, hosted by India's most qualified wine professional - Sonal Holland! Choose a private dining room and treat your friends, family or clients to a dinner expertly matched to exquisite wines.

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