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“You love a wine at a restaurant but can’t find it anywhere else in town. You buy wine on a wine shop’s recommendation and are disappointed with its taste. You need a bottle for a dinner party tonight and can’t figure out which one works best with the meal. Does any of this sound familiar? Acquiring good wine shouldn’t have to be a lucky draw. And SoHo Wine Club is here to make sure it isn’t.
SoHo Wine Club is devoted entirely to wine lovers, and specialises in bringing you an expertly curated collection of fabulous wines from around the globe, right here in India. Selections are made through a demanding tasting process to find wines to suit every palate and budget. Couple this with tutored tastings and never before experienced wine dinners and members are in for a real treat. Sign up to our club today and never be at a loss for wine again.”

- Sonal Holland Master of Wine
Founder SoHo Wine Club


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